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Home. Now what? [Sep. 10th, 2014|07:58 pm]
I made it home, in time for cesy's annual shindig. I promise to reply about philosophicles' stag do via email while at cesy's.

I'm thinking what to do with my life from this point.

I'm thinking of taking http://inspirit.github.io/jsfeat/#haar and using it as the base of a crowd-tracking app[1], while I apply for jobs etc.

I should also go and get my hair cut. Oh, the trials and tribulations of my life!

[1] My better-informed readers may remember my retroscope app for Linux. At that time, I was a little too attached to GStreamer and Linux, and ended up running out of funds fighting with a terrible Windows-based Lenovo ideapad before I'd produced anything interesting.

Night all.
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feh. [Aug. 26th, 2014|05:20 pm]
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Oh hey: Glasses! [ETA: and Greyhound up via Chicago, IL to Minneapolis] [Aug. 18th, 2014|07:15 pm]
Michael managed to find my glasses at the bottom of the garden (we both leave tomorrow, so that's good timing :D).

Just watched The Queen, and we're about to burn a copy of The King's Speech for watching on the Blu Ray player.

I have decided that I am going to go to Memphis and take a boat up the Mississippi to go visit Mel and Katie, and then allow my insurance company to do what they want with me.

[ETA: Screw it: Greyhound it is:
Location Arriving Departing Carrier Schedule
MEMPHIS, TN 21Aug14 08:00:PM GLI 1212
CHICAGO, IL 22Aug14 05:25:AM
CHICAGO, IL 22Aug14 06:45:AM GLI 4712
MINNEAPOLIS, MN 22Aug14 04:50:PM

To my European readers: read the departure and arrival times as 8:00pm and 4:50pm respectively, to avoid brain-hurt. This gives me 11 hours in Memphis, TN. I have a feeling to get a ride out to a place on the map called 'Treasure Island' (no joke: look for yourself on Bing Maps, directly east of the airport, on the Mississippi)]
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oh yeah: l'opital [Aug. 17th, 2014|09:07 pm]
Just realised that the hospital is probably something that I should blog about. My patience with the internet will probably run out before I get very far., so spoliers furst:

I decided to try to walk to church (LDS after Marci's wishes)
The nearest one on mormon.org was across the valley, and in the UK, if you can see it, you can usually hike to it.... doesn't apply in your sunday best... with not nearly enough water.... and getting back again with only a single halgallon and no more efficient modes of transport doesn't help....

I was a good boy though, and told the cops of my previous mental health problems, so they took me straight to hospital and bypassed the triage process for me. If Direct Line wants to query it with me this time, I will be on their side for passing the buck for the bill on to the Abbortsford Police and Fraser health for depriving me of my glasses, and failing to diagnose a bottle of orange piss as a possible symptom of heatstroke, and try to get them to pay for a return plane ticket next year to visit the Mission Folk Festival (which is frickin awesome and you shouold all go) and Lindy On The Rocks, which Rosea managed to get a free pass for, and that I will probably hgo ba=ck gfor next year.

Also, I need to talk to Melby about visiting 9 mile ccanyon with me. Visiting Marci's Grave was a healing experience for me this last week. WE went with Kristi and Michael (Kristi is indeed Kristianne, and Marci was always just Marci, but her middle name was Anne [fun fact: Time to start calling kristi Ka and Anne to wind her up ])

I have no clue where I got to, and no desire to p[ut my glasses on to look at the screen when I can just continue to just touchtype.

Current itinarary takes me to memphis, TN to see the Mississipi and drop Michael off with Kristi so that they can go and have Holly's babbie, which is due in a week. I still need to get in touch with Jared (theorb up-top, and responsible for the other broken links too, *hinthint: don't hire a sysadmin that can't even keep his ex sister in law's blog link alive) and then up to Montreal to suprprise Debbie at Cat's or Brouhaha oif she's in the city even... and then off to see melby at last, then back to montreal (oplease don't tell D that I'm coming if you are a montreal-based reader. I will be attempting to couchsurf with one of the collabora massive when I get there, because I know how muych you dancers can blabb.

and back on-=topic:

I managed to meet a bunch of interesting crazies in the psych ward before they found my glasses at the folk festival and immediately sent me on day-release to get a new pair and helped me (via a social worker) to book me the first available greyhound frp, mvancouver to slc (which landed me in Seattle for over a day (I was most put-out after learning that it was a poot-haven and the home of starbucks' Patient 0, and everyone checks the fuck out in the service industry on a friday afternoon, so literally nobody was helpful past about midnight on Thursday (when I had a wonderful encounter with a ukelele called Esmerelda, and her awesomely shaven-headed and cross-legged travelling companion whose parentals cooked me home-caught crab and pork and turkey awesomenesses.

Feel free to ask for more details later on any collection of paragraphs. I am stinking hot in here, and it's not even a computer that should be on. I am going to go into the garden and use the family tent for the night again. My tent is currently in my dad';s bag, in the skytrain station. There has been a police report, but they misspelt my name over the phone, so it won't have gone to a real person (I should start registering names like david.labon@somewhere...

nightie night. I will be fishing tomorrow evening, with the Groesbecks, so probably out buying a license late-afternoon onwards. Slep well.

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Blind Update [Aug. 17th, 2014|07:51 pm]
This is a blind update, in that I have left my glasses in the garden, and my spares in the tent.\\

I am also borrowing Matt's computer, while he is off camping with his girlfriend.

I could really do with an ISO keyboard, which is why I'm looking forward to getting up to Montreal with a bunch of plastic dollars.\\I have an asus MeMo Pad (MaeMo, I shish, but unfortunately not: just should-be smallcaps that weren't tupeset correctly in BestBuy.

Ended up going to church with Pete and Henevieve with only 'wheaties' in my stomach, and then staying until about 4pm. have had brinner of waffles and cyrup times many, so will probably need something saltier before I go back down to my tent to sleep.

erm... what else... Oh yes: I have disabled 'google play service' on my tablet, so won't have access to google's hangouts feature. Please send me emails, which are retrievable over IMAP. I may turn up on Facebook occasionally to accept riend requests (which I need to det up alerts for via meail..... meh.

please comment on this poit to make requests for things to blog about over the next couple of days.

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Wren vs Greyhound, Round 2: PRACE BETS NOW!!! [Aug. 8th, 2014|05:06 am]

Below is your arrival and departure information, including any connecting bus transfers:

-------------Trip to SALT LAKE CITY, UT-------------
08/08/14 08:40PM GLI-6908 * Depart SEATTLE, WA 
08/09/14 02:20AM GLI-1300 * Arrive STANFIELD (E), OR 
08/09/14 02:55AM GLI-1300 * Depart STANFIELD (E), OR 
08/09/14 05:40PM -0 * Arrive SALT LAKE CITY, UT 
Note: * denotes carrier and bus schedule number.
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Gyptains!!! [Aug. 7th, 2014|11:42 pm]
Currently in Seattle. I have officially been adopted by Gyptains. ETA in SLC is:
August 9th at:
2:55am plus however long it takes to get from somewhere east of Portland to SLC.

I will give a better estimate when I'm not listening to uke around a campfire.

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Heat Stroke and Hospital [Aug. 1st, 2014|11:14 am]
Turns out I got heat-stroke twice in a single Sunday, trying to cross the plains from Mission to Abbortsford on foot.

As a result, I am now in hospital. The police have my wallet and my favourite carabiner, so it's difficult to buy things like deoderant and replacement glasses.

The rest of my gear is in Wentings, across the road from the train station.

If someone could help me to book tickets down to SLC to arrive on the 4th, with about 50KG of stuff, that would be a massive help, and I will pay them back when I have access to my wallet again.
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last-minute youth hostel [Jul. 2nd, 2014|09:02 am]
In LA. Have slept. Life is good. Time to go to target and get me some data.
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Greyhound to Vancouver booked! [Jul. 1st, 2014|02:02 pm]
[Current Location |Seoul Incheon International Airport]
[Current Mood |sweaty]

Reservation Complete

Thank you! Your online order has been processed as a Will Call.
Confirmation Number: #33904919.

This ticket purchase confirmation page is NOT A TICKET. An email has been sent to alsuren@gmail.com containing details of your purchase today at Greyhound.com.

Please pick up tickets at the departure location no later than one hour prior to boarding. If you are traveling when the location is closed, tickets must be picked up in advance.

Your departure location is:

1716 E 7TH ST
(213) 629-8401
Be sure to write down your confirmation number immediately. It will provide a locator for your reservation in case you lose track of your confirmation email.

If you have any questions regarding your reservation, you may call us anytime at (800) 231-2222 for assistance.

Below is your arrival and departure information, include any connecting bus transfers:

------------- Trip to VANCOUVER, BC -------------
07/08/14 12:00AM GLI-1440 * Depart LOS ANGELES, CA
07/09/14 12:00AM -0 * Arrive VANCOUVER, BC

Note: * denotes carrier and bus schedule number.
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